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No surprises

GovMan Functions & Features

You're covered for Governance, Risk, and Compliance with our included features. There are no penalties for extra users, hidden costs, or additional modules to subscribe to.

  • Feedback Monitoring
    Ensure that requests, comments, and complaints will not go unattended.
  • Performance Tracking
    Performance measurement needs to be considered an essential element for TQM.
  • Conflicts & NDAs
    Stay on top of conflicts of interest and send and receive NDAs with ease.
  • Training & Events
    Ensure employees training and certification is kept up to date with centralised registration & tracking.
  • Risk Registers
    Multiple risk registers mean effective tracking of risk across the organisation.
  • Risk Reviews & Controls
    Easily delegate and keep track of mitigation actions and measures.
  • Surveys
    Identify risks and possible solutions by surveying users using easy to set up questions and templates.
  • Questionnaires
    Quickly send out questionnaires and get the answers you need.
  • Duties & Obligations
    Ensure consistent and organisation-wide management and control of events and mandates.
  • Breaches
    Avoid non-compliance by getting on top of breaches fast with simple registration and thorough tracking.
  • Incidents
    Deal with incidents quickly and efficiently by recording and assigning them for remediation.
  • Action Plans
    Fix problems and issues with fast and efficient delegation to nominated users.
  • Customisable Insights
    Effective reporting means that information access and presentations are easy.
  • Powerful Auditing
    Be ready for audits with accurate tracking of all activities.
  • User Access Control
    Restrict access for any feature to only those that require it.
  • Configurable Options
    Administrators can readily customise the system to suit their needs.

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