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Secure software in the cloud

The GovMan GRC Platform

GovMan is built on robust and proven technology, backed by years of experience. It is a secure, cloud-based platform hosted in Australia that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere.


SaaS in the Cloud

GovMan embraces all the benefits of Software as a Service, backed by high security, scalability, reliability & availability. Rapid implementation, high Return on Investment, and low Total Cost of Ownership. GovMan can also be enabled in private clouds and data centres. GovMan is executable across geographies, governance and regulatory regimes, within a single client instance.


Integrated & Scalable

GovMan tightly integrates the mandates of Governance Risk & Compliance, with a standard design concept across all processes. GovMan is flexible, non-prescriptive and scalable, offering an effective solution for emerging SME's thru to International organisations and Government entities. GovMan adapts to the corporate language and structure of your organisation.


Highly Secure

Every action within GovMan is captured for audit purposes; nothing falls through the cracks. Users only see the functions relevant to their role. Our web based user interface embraces web security & encryption standards and our data hosting centres are selected for their stringent security, continuity & uptime.


Easy to use

GovMan's design standards are consistent across all processes, with maximum ease of use and flexibility as key design aspects. User tasks are descriptive, intuitive, and follow logical sequence according to best-practice industry recommendations. Online-help is always at hand.


Flexible & Adaptable

The GovMan technology framework adapts to your enterprise structure, terminology, and governance and reporting hierarchies. Our non-prescriptive approach to compliance & risk enables virtually any business & regulatory policies & practises to be embraced to achieve strategic & operational objectives.



GovMan is developed to ensure the embracement of industry trends, mandates and practical applications of GRC. We prioritise the desires and needs of our client and partner community for our continued development & innovation, along with emerging technology and industry standards.


Proven & Roadtested

GovMan has been been put to the test over 30 years - over this time it has evolved, adapted and improved to perform at the highest level in real life GRC situations, with over 700k compliance matters, 55k risks managed and over $550B in assets covered.


Regulator Friendly

The risk, compliance and regulatory environment are complex and demanding and ever-changing - risks evolve and GovMan evolves long with it making your job of supplying regulators or independent third parties and boards reports and insights that much easier.

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